Partnership Provides New Online Research Highlighting Tool

Des Moines, Iowa – Market research company Quester, in partnership with digital development firm Omnigon, has announced a new service called FeedbackFX with Socrates. The companies combined technologies to provide the only known digital highlighting research tool with probing feedback capabilities.

FeedbackFX is a highlighter tool available to researchers looking for feedback on digital content including images, video, PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents. Respondents are able to highlight areas of a document or video and enter comments into a text box. At that point, Quester’s automated moderator, Socrates, probes respondents to explain in more detail their comments.

“Now when respondents digitally highlight something, Socrates is able to probe them to focus on why they like or don’t like something.” said Patrick Gorman, Quester chairman. “We are putting something very sophisticated and valuable in the hands of researchers.”

The companies held a webinar in August to demonstrate the new service. Participants were shown how the technologies work independently and what the integrated implementation adds to the experience. A demo incorporating both video and print stimulus has been developed to enable users to experience the probing for themselves. A case study illustrating the output of the process is also available.

Igor Ulis, CEO of Omnigon Communications said FeedbackFX with Socrates will benefit researchers through speed and accuracy of results. “This technology allows researchers to pinpoint an area on a stimulus and probe against the comments being made,” he explained. “Between giving people a digital highlighter to draw a picture of what they’re saying, and bringing the artificial intelligence of Quester to the table, you can probe a lot of people very quickly. There has never been anything on the market like this.”

To learn more about FeedbackFX with Socrates click here.

To listen to the recorded FeedbackFX with Socrates webinar click here.


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