Quester Adapts Deliverables As Researchers’ Needs Change

Des Moines, Iowa – The economy has imposed new standards onto the research industry forcing research and brand teams to do more with less and creating higher expectations from research partners. Quester, a technology-based qualitative marketing research company, is responding with its 2010 Tailored Deliverable. The new approach takes the typical research report one step further by guiding clients more directly to the actionable insights within their research.

“Our clients and partners are being asked to do more so that research reports are effective and consumable by their internal clients, typically marketing managers” said Thatcher Schulte, Quester vice president. He explained that historically, the industry focused on creating a research report for insights managers who then form the report to be consumed internally by their client. “We are now spending more time discussing our clients’ key internal issues, enabling us to build reports tailored to their specific needs, making everything more efficient for everyone,” he added.

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Quester uses the world’s only automated moderator, Socrates®, to provide qualitative marketing research that impacts product and brand platforms and creates detailed feedback to help modify marketing communications.

Quester assists Fortune 1000 companies, retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, financial and pharmaceutical institutions, and marketing research companies by providing reliable and faster marketing research results. Quester also uses other online software tools to process the data, which are then examined by the company’s linguistic analysts, providing clear direction and recommendations for better informed business decisions.

“Quester’s greatest strength is our team of highly disciplined researchers,’” senior vice president Andrea Richards said. “We are very proud of our cutting-edge technology, but it’s our linguistic expertise that brings the data to life. Our analysts help clients find the insights that will have dramatic effects on their brands.”

Quester’s newest service, Quester Inside™, is offered directly to marketing research companies and uses an interactive text box to present open-ended questions to survey respondents. Quester Inside™ probes responses for greater detail in a customized conversational manner, incorporating language used by respondents to preserve thought flow. Quester Inside is often combined with a linguistic analysis to maximize the insights hidden within the data.


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