Quester Launches Text Analytics Software

Des Moines, Iowa – Technology-based marketing research company, Quester, launched their text analytics tool known as Aristotle OnDemand for those looking for an efficient way to obtain insights from verbatim data.

Quester’s team has been using the Aristotle suite of tools for over 20 years. Aristotle OnDemand has been developed to deliver the core functionality necessary to conduct a quick review of the data to gain an understanding of the key themes operating in verbatim data. Using CoreText, the analyst discovers the essence of the verbatim comments, and obtains an understanding of the key elements that make up the respondent mindset. The KeyText tool is then used to code and quantify the key themes, providing an understanding of the prevalence of those key themes across the data set, as a whole, or by segment. Using the Interactive Verbatim File capability, analysts can further delve into each of the key themes to learn more about what drives that mindset.

“With Aristotle OnDemand, we held true to Quester’s core belief that in order to gain insights from qualitative data, human eyes need to look at the data in context to really capitalize on the nuances in the ideas communicated by consumers,” noted Quester’s Vice President of Client Relations, Tim Hoskins. “Aristotle OnDemand reports simply reduce and organize the text into a format that can be easily consumed. In less than 20 minutes with Aristotle OnDemand, you can have a solid understanding of hundreds of respondent verbatims, so you can focus your time on how to apply the insights to your business issues.”

Data can be imported in spreadsheet format, and in a matter of minutes, the analyst can be reviewing focused reports to maximize the time they spend interacting with the verbatim data. The user-friendly report format enables analysts to focus on key themes, and obtain a quick overview of the most prevalent themes operating in the data.

Quester is currently offering an initial trial account of 5000 verbatim credits at no charge. To sign up for an account, visit

About Quester

Since 2001, Quester has leveraged our online software moderator, Socrates, to conduct in-depth qualitative one-on-one interviews, which allows for large sample sizes and further geographical reach versus traditional methods. For over 30 years Quester has been grounded in linguistic analysis, utilizing proprietary software and trained linguistic analysts to uncover the themes, ideas and nuances in consumer language and translate them into actionable insights.

Quester’s services can be deployed directly or through partners, within quantitative surveys, to enhance standard open-ended questions.

Tim Hoskins, VP Client & Partner Relations, Quester: 877.232.1005


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