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Leverage Their Brilliance – Using Consumer Intuition to Power Your Innovation Process

Does your company ever wonder if your innovation research is truly tapping into all the potential intuitions of consumers? How do you find those truly “product brilliant” consumers whose insights and ideas can really be leveraged into product or service development?

Quester has partnered with friend and industry expert, Bob Woodard, to explore the importance of innovation research that goes beyond consumer profiling, through a mixed methodology case study. The case study explores perceptions of Health and Wellness from the point of view of the younger generation, through over 600 in-depth interviews with participants in the following age groups: 16-18,19-24 and 25-30.

A customer-driven innovation strategy is based upon understanding both the obvious and latent needs of consumers and having the confidence to take the creative leap to product development. Having good instincts is not enough. Early-stage innovations research is the foundation for a successful innovation strategy. By integrating observational methodologies such as ethnographies and focus groups with larger scale research to dive deeper into consumer insights, you will uncover the vast intuition of your consumers that you can then move down the innovation funnel.

Register now and learn:

  • How the synergy of multiple methodologies can help you make the creative leap
  • How you can talk to consumers who are often difficult to reach to leverage their brilliance
  • How you can add value to your innovation work to give you the confidence that you are uncovering all the great ideas

About the presenters:

Nichole Clinkinbeard, Research Manager, Quester

With a background in psychology and sociology, Nichole has a passion for understanding the way people think and how their thought process impacts their behavior. Applying Quester’s Psychiatric and Linguistic techniques, she strives to understand the impact even the slightest language nuances can have on decision-making. She designs research to ensure Quester meets the unique objectives of every client, and most importantly, translates learnings into actionable steps that will ultimately impact the bottom line.

Bob Woodard, Partner, Deep Marketing Alliance

Bob’s 34 years of professional experience have spanned the areas of marketing research and analysis, brand marketing, marketing strategic planning, finance, and sales at companies such as Campbell Soup Company, The Coca-Cola Company, and Frito-Lay, Inc. Over 25 years of his career have concentrated on consumer research/marketplace analysis/marketing strategy. The resulting combination of depth in consumer insights and breadth across functional areas has given him a uniquely strategic perspective from which to add value to the businesses on which he has worked. Bob is currently a Partner in Deep Marketing Alliance and EVP of Advertising Effectiveness at The Advertising Research Foundation.

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