Quester Adds Chinese To Socrates Language Repertoire

Des Moines, Iowa – Technology-based qualitative marketing research company, Quester, expanded its language capabilities and now offers a version of their virtual moderator, Socrates, in Simplified Chinese.

“We received multiple requests to apply our technology in Chinese given that it’s such a growing market in the online research space,” stated Quester Senior Vice President, Andrea Richards. “We expected to deal with a number of challenges in modifying our system to deal with a character based language. With the help of a wonderful team of consultants, we were able to overcome those challenges, and are very pleased to offer this new capability to our global research partners and end clients.”

The Socrates module can be integrated into virtually any software platform, including enterprise systems such as ConfirmIT or SPSS Dimensions, as well as do-it-yourself platforms like Qualtrics and Survey Gizmo. Quester’s Socrates software is designed to naturally explore any comment to obtain an understanding of the underlying meaning, rationale, and what really impacts consumer decision-making.The result is richer stories that provide a deeper understanding of the context of the respondent’s answer.

Socrates is often applied in exploratory research to define key product attributes, as follow-up to uncover the rationale behind key quantitative metrics, in ad, concept, or package testing, as well as in tracking work. The technology has been applied online for nearly ten years, and Quester has been partnering with large-scale research suppliers since 2007.

Socrates was tested with respondents across China. Interviews and transcripts are available on the company’s website by request. A case study overview of the testing, which explored the benefits of bottled water, will be available in December.

About Quester

Founded in 1977, Quester is an online qualitative marketing research company headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa.Using the world’s only virtual moderator, Socrates, Quester assists companies, including retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, financial and pharmaceutical institutions and even small and mid-size businesses by providing solutions to their research goals. Quester also partners with some of the world’s largest marketing research companies to add qualitative insights within quantitative surveys, with capabilities in English, French, German and Spanish. Quester offers two prebuilt ready to use interfaces (HTML based and Flash based), as well as an API for additional flexibility and custom applications. Quester’s linguistic researchers use proprietary text processing tools to identify clear business recommendations based upon customer comments and language.

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