Quester Adds Depth Probing Module To Concept Testing

Des Moines, Iowa – Technology-based qualitative marketing research company, Quester, now offers an integrated probing module for new and existing research partners to obtain greater verbatim detail in concept testing, known as Q’Cept. Quester’s virtual moderator, Socrates, can be deployed to deliver follow-up probing on qualitative Likes and Dislikes type questions, to provide more insightful diagnostics on what drives concept test scores.

“Concept testing approaches have become more and more standardized, in order to meet the demands of such a competitive marketplace,” said Andrea Richards, SVP at Quester. “Quester’s probing technology can be used to enhance those standard practices, and provide an additional layer of richness to the open-ended data. This data can then be used to better understand the factors driving concept scores. Analysis can be conducted on top performing concepts, or perhaps on favorites that don’t make the threshold, to better understand ways to maximize the motivational capabilities of the concept.”

The module can be integrated into virtually any software platform, including enterprise systems such as ConfirmIT or SPSS Dimensions, as well as do-it-yourself platforms like Qualtrics and Survey Gizmo. Quester’s Socrates software is designed to naturally explore any comment to obtain an understanding of the underlying meaning, rationale, and what really impacts consumer decision-making.The result is richer stories that provide a deeper understanding of the context of the respondent’s answer. The technology has been applied online for nearly ten years, and Quester has been partnering with large-scale research suppliers since 2007.

Quester’s technology has been applied to Concept Testing since the inception of the software. This new offering simplifies the process, creating an “off-the-shelf” solution that can be easily integrated and added within standardized methodologies. The integration process is seamless for respondents. “The concept testing stage is one of the most important areas for voice of the customer feedback, because it’s a new idea and you never know how a customer is going to react,” said Thatcher Schulte, Quester VP.“Getting meaningful conversations about concepts helps you not only improve that concept, but prepares you for the next idea you create.”

Tim Hoskins, Client & Partner Relations, Quester: 877.232.1005


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