The Birth of Socrates and Large Sample Qualitative Surveys

By Jereme Thomas - April 14,2014.
Posted in: Development, Market Research

I started at Quester® in 2001 as part of the team tasked with developing the world’s first online moderator. We named our creation after the famous Greek philosopher, Socrates. The name Socrates was chosen due to what our team of developers and the company’s founder, Charles Cleveland, were trying to accomplish. Dr. Charles Cleveland, a Drake University psychology professor who founded Quester in 1977, was obsessed with understanding how people think and discovering what they truly thought. Click here to read more…

Validating Respondents with Mobile Research Technology

By Jereme Thomas - March 14,2014.
Posted in: Market Research, Mobile

One of the things I love most about mobile research is the additional options that are available to validate whether a respondent is actually taking part in the survey or research project that they claim to be. While online surveys are great there is always that nagging question in the back of my mind – “Is this a real person who is taking this survey?” Click here to read more…

2013 Charles E. Cleveland Employee of the Year

By Madeline Quick - January 10,2014.
Posted in: Announcement

After a jam packed year, the Quester team celebrated December 19th, 2013 for their annual holiday extravaganza. While enjoying this year’s Ugly Sweater theme, Quester took time to present the annual Charles E. Cleveland Employee of the Year award. This award honors an employee with individual outstanding achievement as well as continuously improving Quester as a whole. Click here to read more…

2013 Was a Great Year for Quester and Mobile Research

Jereme Thomas reflects on 2013 and mobile research at Quester
By Jereme Thomas - January 06,2014.
Posted in: Market Research, Mobile

As I look back over 2013, one of the great successes for Quester was our initiation into mobile research. While we had dabbled in mobile research prior to 2013, 2013 was our break out year. Mobile research is here to stay and while there are still a lot of questions and challenges to be addressed the technology and methodology is only going to grow.

Click here to read more…

Advancements in interviewing technologies: Bringing confidence to qualitative

By Garrett McGuire - December 18,2013.
Posted in: Market Research, Methodology, Online Qualitative, Technology

I should admit my relationship with quantitative research: It’s complicated. As a corporate researcher, I liked how quickly quantitative research results were received. A conversation I faced frequently as a corporate researcher was the general validity of qualitative research, but there seemed to be little doubt in anything that had a percentage next to it. Click here to read more…

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