Quester Launches SPARQ To Help Companies Put Humans At The Center Of Innovation

October 25, 2023

(Des Moines, IA) – Quester, a strategy and insights firm, announced the launch of their human-centered approach to innovation called SPARQ, which emphasizes the firm’s commitment to helping brands ground their innovation efforts through the understanding of people.

“Lots of things drive brands to innovate – new technologies, emerging trends, and of course the desire for growth,” said Gwen Ishmael, Quester’s strategic innovation advisor. “But successful innovation is rooted in understanding people. Ultimately, they are the ones who make the decision to take advantage of an innovation or not.”

SPARQ stands for Search, Produce, Adapt, Refine, and Quantify – the five modules of Quester’s innovation process approach. SPARQ identifies and leverages the context in which people talk about their situations, conflicts, feelings, and goals, ensuring humans are at the forefront of every innovation initiative clients undertake.

“Quester is well-known for its commitment to deeply understanding people and listening to their stories as the foundation for narrative-based strategies,” says Tim Hoskins, Quester President. “This persistent – you might say obsessive – focus is how SPARQ helps our clients innovate products and services that drive significant business growth.

To learn more about SPARQ, go to, or call us at +1-877-232-1005

Quester is a growth-driven agency that harnesses the power of people, purpose and passion to create dynamic narratives for bold, breakthrough strategy.  Quester specializes in innovation, brand strategy and consumer experience by connecting trailblazing clients to stories and narratives grounded in radical consumer empathy.


  • Brett Townsend

    As SVP of Strategy, Brett is future-focused by offering clients consulting about Brand and Innovation Strategy, always focused on building muscular brands and organic growth.

    Brett is always quick to drop a movie or TV quote, a historical anecdote, or music lyrics to any situation. He’s happy to give you travel or eating tips to many domestic and global destinations, as well as advice on being a girl dad.

    As a client of Quester for over 10 years before joining the team, Brett’s favorite thing about Quester is our desire to never settle, we’re always looking for better ways to solve problems, and to offer our clients the art and science that tells story behind the story—because human behavior is rarely linear and can’t be explained with data points.

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