Quester announces addition of Ilene Lanin-Kettering, Ph.D. as Vice President of Strategic Design and Analysis

Quester, a Des Moines, Iowa marketing research firm, has announced the addition of Ilene Lanin-Kettering as Vice President of Strategic Design and Analysis to their team. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Lanin-Kettering adds a strong quantitative expertise to Quester’s unique research designs. With Dr. Lanin-Kettering joining the team, Quester is offering the truest form of quali-quant hybrid research in the industry.

Dr. Lanin-Kettering’s knowledge encompasses a vast array of marketing research and statistical techniques. Throughout her 20+ year career, spent at some of the premier marketing research companies in the U.S., Ilene has always been focused on understanding what the market looks like as the collective result of the attitudes and behavior of many individuals. Her consultative, value-added approach has provided market-relevant, actionable solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and service-based companies of consumer packaged goods and durable goods.

Ilene’s unique contributions to her clients are based on having an M.A. in Linguistics and Ph.D. in Behavioral Sciences, both from the University of Chicago. These degrees are foundational to her expertise in two principal areas of research, consumer segmentation and shopping/purchasing choice behavior.

“Quester is always looking to advance marketing research, to bring better knowledge and answers to our clients. We believe the industry is ready for the next phase of research: a truly hybrid approach that provides quantitative rigor and qualitative richness,” says Garrett McGuire, Vice President of Corporate Strategy. “Dr. Lanin-Kettering is going to be instrumental in our endeavor to be better, to be brighter, and to be the leader for industry change. We all very excited to see what’s next.”

About Quester

Quester believes in being smarter, in solving puzzles, and understanding people to bring untapped knowledge to organizations. Employing psychiatric interviewing techniques, Quester’s technology guides respondents to tell stories that shed light to the human psyche. By conducting and linguistically analyzing hundreds or thousands of interviews at a time, Quester brings depth and confidence to a single phase of research. Integrating quantitative design and analysis brings the industry’s truest form of hybrid quali-quant research. Quester is a non-traditional market research firm that marries the brilliance of linguists with the efficiencies of technology to deeply understand thoughts, feelings, opinions, perceptions, and experiences.


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