Quester’s Proprietary Text Analytics Software Released as a SaaS platform

We’re pleased to announce CoreText Analytics, our proprietary software, is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, empowering companies to leverage it for their own qualitative data analysis. For 30 years, Quester’s linguistic analysts have relied on CoreText to conduct our award-winning research.

The key component is the software’s ability to take hundreds, even thousands of verbatim responses and quickly produce a report highlighting the most prevalent themes and ideas within an entire data set.  CoreText prioritizes the data so analysts only have to read 50 responses instead of hundreds — making it much easier and faster to identify key themes and ideas.

Our secret sauce

CoreText provides the starting point for Quester analysts’ deep-dive into data.  Likewise, users on the CoreText SaaS platform can conduct a quick review of verbatim data to gain a high-level overview of the themes and ideas represented in the data set along with the key elements that make up the respondent mindset.

The software provides an easy platform to code, quantify and rank key themes across the data set — as a whole or by segment. Analysts can further delve into each theme to learn more about what drives that mindset by reviewing individual responses.

“In developing the CoreText turnkey solution we held true to our core belief that to gain reliable insights from qualitative data, human eyes need to look at the data in context to really understand consumers’ mindset,” says Quester president Tim Hoskins. “CoreText solves for this issue, and saves valuable time by identifying the key themes or ideas, organizing the data, and placing it in a format that can be easily consumed. It only takes about 20 minutes with the software to gain a solid understanding of hundreds or even thousands of comments or responses.”

Visit for more information including a video demonstration.

Download the press release here.

Sales contact:
Samantha Barlow
Director of Client Services


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