Quester® Cares About Families With The Family Dinner Project

When The Family Dinner Project team approached Quester early this Fall, with their research concept, Quester’s team was thrilled. In fact, after just a few discussions, Quester offered to conduct the research pro-bono for The Family Dinner Project, a family-oriented non-for-profit organization based out of Watertown, Massachusetts.

The purpose of this research was to lead The Family Dinner Project in the optimal direction for positioning their program, and for best communicating its benefits.

The Family Dinner Project team offered three concepts and Quester developed its methodology around them. Then over 300 parents with children under the age of 18 interviewed for 25 minutes about one of the three concepts. All interviews were conducted by Quester’s software-based moderator, which probes as necessary using psychiatric interviewing techniques. With such a rich set of qualitative data, it takes a team of researchers, trained in linguistics, as well as innovative technology, to produce a report rich in stories and recommendations! Our Researchers use Quester’s proprietary analytical software, which was designed to identify key themes and ideas, which makes analysis easier, speedier and richer.

Earlier this month, after a two-week fielding time, Quester presented its findings to The Family Dinner Project team. Because we think so many of us can benefit from these findings, we are pleased to share some of them with you. A case study will be posted on our site momentarily, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we give you a “taste” of what we found out from listening to a large group of families about the family dinner experience.

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