New ITB Themes Released

We recently released two new themes for our ITB™ (Interactive Text Box). For those who are not familiar with Quester’s ITB, think of a chat box, like you would see when using Skype or another instant messenger type program. Quester developed the ITB to allow our clients to use Socrates®, our software based moderator, in existing survey platforms like Confirmit, Vovici, Qualtrics and other survey tools. The ITB can be used in other applications like on webpages and contact forms where additional depth from the respondent is desired.

Typically the ITB replaces a textbox or text field in a survey. The ITB is embedded in a survey platform, similar to how an image would be displayed. A question is asked in the ITB and the respondent types their answer directly into the ITB just like they would with a standard textbox. With standard textboxes the interaction would end here by the respondent proceeding to the next survey question, but not with the ITB. With the ITB, the respondent’s answer is analyzed by Socrates and a follow up probe is presented to the respondent, in order to gain additional insight. This process happens in real time and requires no human intervention.

Making sure the ITB fits seamlessly into the desired survey platform has always been a top priority for us. This is why we offer different “themes” or “look and feels”. Previously we had the Standard and the Blank themes and just released the SMS and VBot themes. In addition to the various themes, we offer two different technology options for using the ITB – Flash and AJAX.

Our existing themes are:

standard-theme-ajaxStandard – designed to look like a modern chat box, available in Flash and AJAX.

blank-theme-ajaxBlank – designed to be customized to the existing look and feel of the webpage it will be used on, available in AJAX. Think of the Blank theme as white labeling.

Our newest themes are:

sms-theme-ajaxSMS – modeled after modern text messaging applications you would find on mobile phones, available in AJAX.

vbot-theme-flashVBot – is a virtual avatar character which actually speaks questions to the respondent, available in Flash.

Use of the ITB is available through several of Quester’s solutions, including IDIs, Socrates OnDemand, and Quester Inside. Socrates probing can also be used in custom applications by utilizing our API.


  • Jereme Thomas

    Jereme heads up an innovative team of programmers in developing and improving Quester's market research technology. He constantly works to improve the capabilities of qualitative research methodologies and Quester's proprietary tools, Socrates and Aristotle. He also manages all of Quester's day-to-day technology needs.Jereme loves boating and being on the water in the summer with his wife and two children. Problem solving and building both tangible and intangible items are his passions.Jereme appreciates the flexibility to choose the best technology for the job and all of the different challenges he has solved over the years.

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