My name is Thatcher, and I love Quester

This blog was designed in order to provide thought leadership to the marketing research industry. It is intended to be a place where our employees could write on behalf of the company and communicate our vision and our collective identity. In this post, I will be breaking from the norm. Because for me, this is my farewell to Quester. I’m about to become a Shopper Insights Manager at ConAgra Foods.

I used to be the Vice President here, but that doesn’t really describe my connection to the business. In 2002, I was hired by Dr. Charles Cleveland. Our company had yet to deploy a project with Socrates, but the idea of Quester was still brilliant. We would, as a business, use language to help companies truly understand their customers. What we did and do is innovative, and I believe only the best kind of researchers currently recognize our value.

Through the last nine years, I’ve been afforded a tremendous number of opportunities to do, lead, build, create and consult. Opportunities that would have never been possible in a larger or even more traditionally structured business. And for that and many other reasons, I’m eternally grateful.

Most people that work on the corporate side or even in large research companies don’t truly understand how a small business works. If run well, a small business operates like most businesses, however what is different is that the people you work with become a family. So my leaving feels, at least to me, like I may be leaving home for the first time. It is scary, it is exciting and it is fun. This job was the perfect job for me, uniquely suited to my traits and my growth as a professional, because it allowed me to be creative, work with supremely intelligent researchers and huge multi-national companies that care deeply about strategy and serving their customers.

The work that Quester does is good work. The people at Quester “get it.” And, if challenged, they will rise to meet those challenges head on. What Quester is able to do is unparalleled in the industry. My name is Thatcher Schulte, and I wholly and completely recommend working with this business.


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