Quester And Eki Communications Offer First Mobile Market Research Platform With Probing Technology

Quester’s software-based interviewer can now chat with consumers via a newly launched mobile research platform called Survelytics® ( Consumers using the platform can elect a language, then share their thoughts, ideas and emotions as well as include photos, videos and audio, at home or in-store.

We thank our EKI partner for recognizing that there was a tremendous opportunity for our two companies to team up and fuse the worlds of mobile and market research technologies for optimum consumer engagement levels,” notes Jereme Thomas, IT Director at Quester.

To date, over four million consumers and professionals from the medical, pharmaceutical, insurance and CPG sectors have interacted online with Socrates, Questers software-based interviewer. Survelytics, which is a native App, now allows respondents to go beyond typical survey questions on their mobile phone and leverage the additional features of the mobile device like taking photos, videos and audio, as well as chatting with Socrates.

Commenting on the partnership with Quester, Mandar Vaidya, CEO of Eki Communications, said: “We are excited to integrate Socrates with Survelytics as it provides our users an intelligent tool for ‘in the moment’ engagement with the consumer.”

The Socrates software is conversational in nature. It not only understands the consumer language in context but can also probe intelligently for more definition, elaboration or implication using the respondents’ own language. In doing so, the Quester surveys can capture respondents’ thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Our goal is to continue bringing market research innovations to our clients and partners; the ability to probe open-ends in a mobile platform allows them to take their mobile research to a new level,” says Garrett McGuire, who has recently joined Quester as Vice-President of Product Marketing with solid Consumer Insights experience in the retail sector.

About Quester®
Quester is a technology-driven full-service market research firm, recognized as a 2012 EXPLOR Award finalist. We have developed proprietary technology that allows us to conduct qualitative research on a quantitative scale, or Quali-Quant research, with multi-lingual and multi-cultural capabilities.

About Eki Communications Private Limited©
Eki Communications is a Mumbai, India based organization that provides a complete suite of cloud based Enterprise Mobile Solutions. Our goal is to bring value for Enterprise Customers by providing secure software solutions leveraging mobile and tablet devices as enablers across platforms capturing and aggregating different forms of data for market research.

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