iPinion & Quester Partner to take Mobile Survey Capabilities to a Deeper Level

Des Moines, Iowa – Technology-based qualitative marketing research company, Quester, and professional-grade mobile survey software provider iPinion have integrated their respective systems to bring greater depth to the fast emerging mobile research and insights gathering space.

“The integration of the Socrates virtual moderator and text analytics solution with a mobile research platform is a great leap forward from the current crop of players in the space.” said Leonard Murphy, CEO of BrandScan 360, and Chairman of this week’s Merlien Institute International Conference on Market Research in the Mobile World taking place in Atlanta, GA USA. “The big opportunities in research are the integration of mobile and text-based analysis and iPinion and Quester are the first that I know of to offer that as an integrated solution. Very, very smart.”

iPinion provides a robust platform engineered for smartphones and tablets running operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and others. The platform offers multiple ways to deploy surveys on mobile devices using both native apps and web apps. A wide range of survey question types are available, and the platform is capable of handling both highly structured quantitative as well as more unstructured qualitative methodologies via mobile. The company is on the forefront of new mobile technologies, pushing the barriers for more engaging interaction and information gathering.

Quester’s Socrates software is designed to naturally explore any comment to obtain an understanding of the underlying meaning, rationale, and what really impacts consumer decision-making.The result is richer stories that provide a deeper understanding of the context of the respondent’s answer. This technology has been applied online for nearly ten years, by some of the largest research companies in the world.

“The tremendous portability and omnipresence of mobile devices provides a myriad of opportunities to better understand populations in their native habitats, or in-the-moment if you will.” said Jeff Linenfelser, VP of Customer & Partner Development at iPinion. “Given the ever increasing, tightly tethered associations we all have to our mobile units, it is clear that properly designed mobile research touch points are often being considered less intrusive than traditional approaches, and the combination of iPinion and Quester’s Socrates solution assures our mutual clients will gain maximum benefits in their pursuits of guiding information and insight.”

“Expanding applications for Socrates within the mobile space is a reflection of Quester’s focus on staying on the cutting edge of industry advancements.” stated Quester’s Chairman, Patrick J. Gorman. “We are very pleased to be partnering with iPinion to use their sophisticated mobile research platform to give clients access to Socrates in a mobile research setting. This strategic partnership will make mobile research more impactful by asking people to think at a deeper level. More companies will now hear the voice of the consumer in their own thoughtful words.”

About iPinion, LLC

iPinion, LLC is a leading enterprise-grade mobile research and insight solutions provider. Integrating its advanced smartphone and tablet application platform inclusive of both native apps and web apps with its world class service bureau and panel network, iPinion delivers unprecedented mobile data collection capabilities to a wide variety of market, public opinion, social and other constituent research organizations as well as consumer and competitive insights professionals at both agency partner and end client sponsorship. The iPinion native applications are available for iOS (Apple) as well as for Android, RIM (BlackBerry) and other operating systems for both tablets and smartphones and can be freely downloaded at iTunes, the Android Market, and the Blackberry App World. The iPinion web applications do not require end user downloading and run on all major standard and mobile browsers.

About Quester

Founded in 1977, Quester is an online qualitative marketing research company headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa.Using the world’s only virtual moderator, Socrates, Quester assists companies, including retailers, consumer packaged goods companies, financial and pharmaceutical institutions and even small and mid-size businesses by providing solutions to their research goals. Quester also partners with some of the world’s largest marketing research companies to add qualitative insights within quantitative surveys, with capabilities in English, French, German and Spanish. Quester offers two prebuilt ready to use interfaces (HTML based and Flash based), as well as an API for additional flexibility and custom applications. Quester’s linguistic researchers use proprietary text processing tools to identify clear business recommendations based upon customer comments and language.

Andrea Richards, Senior Vice President, Quester: 877.232.1005
Jeffrey J. Linenfelser, VP Customer & Partner Development, iPinion: 888.988.6898


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