Quester Forms New Strategic Partnership for Concept Development and Testing

Quester and Denver-based Intengo have entered into a joint partnership to offer a new and innovative way to develop and test ideas, concepts and messages. It is the only methodology that combines prediction markets and in-depth qualitative interviewing conducted online. Respondents are taken through an online investment game to predict which concepts or messages will appeal to others, and are interviewed and probed by the Quester AI-driven software moderator to collect in-depth rationale for their predictions. Hundreds, even thousands of respondents can be taken through the exercise in a short period of time.

About Intengo
Intengo is an unconventional strategic research firm that finds answers to client challenges – fast – by utilizing social prediction and the collective wisdom of crowds. From ideation to concept testing, their methodologies offer the trifecta of research: better insights, faster results, and greater cost-efficiency. Their patented prediction markets provide a true rank order of concepts (no flat line results) and demonstrate how polarizing they might be. They generate more accurate feedback on the reasons for preference or rejection with less inherent bias – all using gameful design to keep participants highly engaged. With offices in Denver, CO and Atlanta, Intengo has tested thousands of concepts for companies large and small in North America and beyond.

“The Quester/Intengo partnership disrupts traditional ways to test concepts, and reinforces Quester’s mission to develop and partner to create better solutions for our clients and the industry,” says Tim Hoskins, Quester President. “Prediction market research combined with Quester’s in-depth, qualitative interviewing on the back end delivers insights from two proven methodologies at an unprecedented accuracy, scale and speed.”

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