Quester and MFour Enhance Open Ends on Mobile

Des Moines, Iowa – Quester, the leader in online qualitative marketing research, teams up with MFour to bring their proprietary technology, which engages and probes respondents for additional depth and understanding, to mobile surveys. MFour is the creator of the mobile application – Surveys On The Go (SOTG). Surveys On The Go is a mobile market research tool that pays users for their opinions about various topics and issues. SOTG is the highest rated survey app on the market and is made up of the largest mobile panel (almost 500,000 panelists) in the United States.

Quester prides itself on discovering the true meaning of what drives behaviors and understanding why people (not just consumers) do what they do. Quester applies its expertise of over 30 years of marketing research experience and their focus on qualitative research using psychiatric interview techniques to probe and dig deeper into responses for additional clarity. Using the teachings and methodologies from the company’s founder Dr. Charles Cleveland, Quester developed the world’s first and only online, software-based moderator.

The software-based moderator, named Socrates after the classical Greek philosopher, allows Quester the ability to scale their qualitative research on a quantitative scale. Socrates has interviewed over 5 million people and is fluent in six different languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Simplified Mandarin Chinese). Socrates also has the ability to be customized for specific research objectives and a variety of different profiles are available.

Using Quester’s API, MFour was able to leverage Quester’s technology to bring probing to their mobile app – SOTG. Since Socrates is software-based, qualitative probing is available 24 / 7 and is completely scalable. There are no worries or the additional expense associated with human moderators. The other advantage of Socrates over human moderators is the prevention of additional bias which can be introduced into a marketing research project due to the differences between moderators. Socrates individually interviews every respondent so there is no moderator inconsistencies.

VP of Information Technology, Jereme Thomas, worked with the team at MFour to integrate their API into the SOTG application. “Being involved in hundreds of online research projects over the past years, I learned the importance of having a large and diverse panel to fulfil the sample needs for research projects. MFour’s all-mobile panel peaked my interest when Quester started doing mobile surveys. After using their app technology and working with the individuals at MFour I knew they were a great partner to increase the audience our probing technology could reach. It has been a pleasure working with MFour and I am excited about being able to enhance open ends on mobile just like we do online.”

About Quester
Quester believes in being smarter, in solving puzzles, and understanding people to bring untapped knowledge to organizations. Employing psychiatric interviewing techniques, Quester’s technology guides respondents to tell stories that shed light to the human psyche. By conducting and linguistically analyzing hundreds or thousands of interviews at a time, Quester brings depth and confidence to a single phase of research. Integrating quantitative design and analysis brings the industry’s truest form of hybrid quali-quant research. Quester is a non-traditional market research firm that marries the brilliance of linguists with the efficiencies of technology to deeply understand thoughts, feelings, opinions, perceptions, and experiences.

About MFour
MFour Mobile Research is opening the door to consumer insights never before thought possible and exists to help you uncover them. Their goal is straightforward – design the best platform, recruit the best panels and deliver the highest-quality mobile market research in the world.

For additional information, contact Jereme Thomas, Vice President of Information Technology, by email at or Tim Hoskins, President, by email at Both individuals can be reached by phone at 1-877-232-1005.


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