Quester Selected as Finalist for the 2012 EXPLOR Award at The Market Research Event

Boca Raton, Florida – Technology-based market research company Quester® has been named Finalist for the 2012 EXPLOR Award, earning distinction with this prestigious honor in research innovation for the second time since 2006.

Quester® received the award in partnership with Frito-Lay, during a ceremony held on Tuesday, November 13, at The Market Research Event (TMRE). Organized by the Institute for International Research (IIR), TMRE brings together over a thousand leading market researchers across the globe to exchange cutting edge knowledge and learn what’s new and critical in market research. The EXPLOR Awards Program is collaborative effort of uSamp/DMS Insights, Cambiar, LLC and IIR.

“The EXPLOR Award is wonderful recognition of the partnership between Frito Lay and Quester. Our partnership with Quester has enabled Frito Lay to leverage a unique technology to uncover deep consumer insights and apply those insights to solve business challenges. It is a privilege to work with partners that fully understand our needs and are able to apply the technology to help solve those needs. The EXPLOR Award is an honor to receive and a wonderful recognition of how technology can advance consumer understanding”, says Jack Marquardt, Director of Consumer Strategy and Insights at Frito-Lay.

“The EXPLOR Award is a distinction Quester® is proud to receive. I have the honor to work with an exceptional group of researchers and clients, such as Frito-Lay, who are committed to exploring, developing and leveraging innovative technology to achieve two goals: reveal deeper insights and provide specific answers to our clients so that they can make the best informed decisions. We continue to further advance our capabilities, and look forward to launching new products in 2013” adds Tim Hoskins, Vice President of Client Relations at Quester®.

About EXPLOR Awards
The EXPLOR Award is an annual case study competition, honoring technology innovation in marketing research. Innovation leaders from global corporations, research agencies and academia are invited to submit high impact cases where technology and innovation have advanced the research and insight process. For more details on case studies, visit The Market Research Event website at

About Quester®
Quester® boasts over 30 years of experience in the market research field with a strong orientation on technology since 2001. Quester’s team, technologies, and newly released DIY platforms probe deep into a respondent’s thought process to provide meaningful insights by analyzing their answers and providing follow-up questions to peel back the layers in getting to the core insights our customers can take action on. For more information, please visit

For additional information, contact Annabelle Marsh, Director of Corporate Marketing at or Tim Hoskins, Vice-President of Client Relations at


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