Verbatim Files Go Interactive with Quester

Des Moines, Iowa – Reading through consumer comments is an overwhelming task given the sheer number of comments and variety of responses. When clients challenged Quester to find an easier way to translate comments into insights, the online qualitative market research company responded by an elegant blending of simple web technology and their unique approach to qualitative data analysis.

Quester’s new Interactive Verbatim File helps organize verbatim responses with a Word Cloud, helping clients quickly see which topics are hottest in their market research results. The end product? Easy to consume, simple phrases presenting the most resonating consumer comments, organized in a straightforward and easy to navigate format.

“The word clouds we use provide an at a glance overview of the key themes within the dataset ,” says Andrea Richards, Senior Vice President of Quester. “Using this format allows our clients to quickly identify areas of major importance in their research results without having to read all of the verbatims and come to those conclusions themselves.”

Quester’s trained linguistic analysts review the data to determine what themes hold the greatest relative importance in the verbatim responses. Those themes make up the word cloud. Themes that are found more often in the responses appear larger in the cloud than those which appear less frequently, just as word clouds are used to represent themes on blogs and websites. When a client clicks on one of the word themes, they are taken straight to the group of verbatims representing that theme.

According to Richards, “Our goal is really to communicate the voice of the customer, but sifting through verbatims can become overwhelming when dealing with hundreds of comments. This new deliverable provides a more interactive, easier to digest way to get a solid understanding of the customer mindset – in their own words.”


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