2012: a great year for Quester®

In 2012, Quester expanded its research capabilities, saw its client portfolio increase by 30% over the previous year and received industry recognition at The Market Research Event.

Tim Hoskins, Vice President of Client Relations at Quester comments: “2012 has been a very rewarding year for our organization. Our continued emphasis on raising the awareness of our unique methodology and innovative designs is resonating with market research suppliers, consumer insights and shopper insights teams across all industries. In 2013, we are excited to introduce new designs to approach existing and emerging research objectives for our current and future clients.”

Client Portfolio increased by over 30%.
Our client portfolio of market research suppliers and direct consumer and shopper insights clients experienced a surge of over a third in one year. “We feel fortunate to be developing working relationships with so many new clients while boasting a 98% retention rate with our existing client portfolio”, Hoskins says.

Quester received industry recognition at The Market Research Event
Quester was selected as a 2012 EXPLOR Award Finalist in partnership with Frito-Lay. In addition, Quester co-presented at The Market Research Event on “Bringing Consumer Segments to Life” in partnership with Belkin (a recap of the presentation can also be found on our blog).

Quester has a growing team!
In 2012, Quester welcomed a new CEO with Kurt Shedenhelm. Annabelle Marsh joined as Director of Corporate Marketing; Steve LeWarne came on board as Client Relations Manager; Alexandra West and Erin Gannon took the position of Research Assistants, while Brady Bogue transitioned from the research team to IT, as Operations Specialist. Quester’s newest team member is Pamela Centeno, Executive Assistant.

Quester has a new logo, new tagline
In late 2012, Quester® adopted a new tagline (Innovation to insight™) and fresh look with a new logo! The tagline highlights Quester’s focus on the technology and innovative research designs that allows them to provide their clients with impactful reports. Quester’s reports truly bring data to life and provide their clients with strategic recommendations on how to utilize the information to communicate with their consumers, employees or business partners.

With our new website launching in early 2013, we hope that everyone will welcome the new designs and will share comments or suggestions with us.

We encourage you to contact us at info@quester.com if you would like to know more about us and to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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