5 Q’s to get to know Quester’s new VP of Client Services

What was the most exciting purchase you made in 2015?

A stay at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park.

Biggest disruption of your day?

The biggest and most welcome distraction of my day is when the kids get home.

Person that has had the biggest impact on your life?

My wife Laura.

Most memorable brand? What brand has your attention right now?

Google is the most memorable brand, for me, by a mile.

I like what Blue Apron is doing.

What future innovation has made the biggest disruption to consumer’s path to purchase?

All avenues of easily accessible information on products, services, availability, and pricing at a customers’ fingertips is the biggest innovation in the past decade. Once technology and scale arrive, 3D-printing has the potential to be terrifically disruptive in the future. Think about how we used to buy software, mainly via discs purchased at a store…now we routinely download it through the ether without thinking about it. When physical products can be done the same, the word game-changer won’t do it justice. I’m excited about the potential impact that 3D printing can have on developing countries with weak traditional distribution infrastructure. Those countries may be able to take a quantum leap in terms of development via bypassing some traditional infrastructure requirements.


  • As President, Tim focuses on the continuous development and marketing of Quester’s products, designs, services and partnerships. Leveraging his passion to traverse beyond the known, he is instrumental in consulting with Quester’s clients. Tim is a current Board of Director with the Marketing Research Association and serves as the Co-Chair for the Association’s Insights and Strategies Conference and Corporate Researchers Conference. Tim was adopted from Seoul, South Korea when he was five months old - for which he is eternally grateful. His amazing parents had three biological children and adopted two from South Korea. Growing up, he told his brothers and sisters that he was more loved because his parents paid for him. Tim’s wife and best friend (Kate) has the toughest job in his home. She is a talented 3rd grade teacher, loving mother to their daughter (Ella) and dog (Zoey), and keeps Tim in line. He loves the “A-ha” moment that occurs every day in research. The look in someone’s eyes, the change in the tone of their voice, and the excitement when they are on the way to finding something special.

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