See You at CRC 2019 Where We Share Our Work With Clorox: Better Brand Innovation & Messaging Via an AI-Enhanced “Jobs to be Done” Framework

Clorox has long leveraged the “Jobs to Be Done” framework to feed its innovation pipeline. For its newly acquired Nutranext business, foundational Jobs to be Done research was needed.

Along with Caroline Klompmaker, join Tim Hoskins at the Corporate Research Conference in Orlando, Florida to learn how an enhanced two-phase approach that leveraged AI enabled discovery and a deeper, more nuanced understanding of consumers. This innovative approach then informed messaging, positioning, assortment, and more.

Caroline Klompmaker is Global Insights Director for NeoCell, Rainbow Light, and Natural Vitality CALM, a portfolio of vitamin minerals supplement brands acquired by the Clorox Company in 2018. Caroline started her career in research at IRI in 1998. She then joined Nabisco in 2000 with roles in insights, category management, and customer marketing; and in 2007, Caroline joined Clorox with global insights roles for Glad, Kingsford, and Burt’s Bees before moving into her current role.

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As President of Quester, Tim Hoskins leads a talented team of researchers, developers, and innovators who keep Quester at the forefront of the marketing research industry. Under his leadership, Quester has won numerous awards including an Ogilvy Award from The ARF and an EXPLOR Award from TMRE. He has been instrumental in the ongoing development of Quester’s artificial intelligence technology that enables new and unique approaches to solving client-side research objectives for both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Tim was named a Volunteer of the Year by the Insights Association and currently serves on its board of directors. He is co-chair of the national Corporate Researchers Conference, and on the Collaborata board of advisors.

Quester® is an award-winning consumer intelligence firm that uses proprietary artificial intelligence technologies to conduct multi-lingual qualitative research on a quantitative scale. We specialize in yielding superior consumer understanding in areas such as innovation, concept development, brand positioning, segmentation, and path to purchase. Our online software-based moderator and analytical software probes deep into participant thought processes, analyzes responses, and allows researchers to make wise business decisions grounded in data, and has netted Quester an EXPLOR Award from the TMRE and an Ogilvy Award from The ARF. Learn about our DIY tools on our website.

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